YouTube introduced watch page and shorts for news.


YouTube is launching two new initiatives to increase access to credible news through its platform.

To spread credible news around, YouTube’s first move is an immersive viewing experience for news stories. The watch page will bring news from correct sources regarding all the latest news. This will help users explore a topic from multiple sources.

Content will be in the form of long-form videos, live coverage and shorts.

The second initiative is called the Shorts Innovation Program for News. Through this program, YouTube will provide funding and other support to news organizations that are creating short-form videos on the platform.

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Youtube Currently working with over 20 organizations in 10 countries, providing a total of USD 1.6 million to the initiative. Shortlisted participants will have a strong existing long-form video but will need support to expand further.

These features are rolling out to mobile users in about 40 countries over time.


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