X is working on game streaming, online shopping.


Elon Musk is looking to add new video features to his newly branded Platform X, including game streaming and online shopping features, to turn the site into an “everything app.”

Formerly known as Twitter, X is experimenting with basic, Twitch-like game streaming features, currently only available to X Premium subscribers. Musk showed off the feature in a 54-minute Diablo IV stream posted by an anonymous Twitter account. Musk responded to the post and confirmed that the feature is on the way.

Mark Cullman, an engineer at X, shared a video explaining how premium subscribers can set up game streaming from their accounts by connecting Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to their Twitter account through X Media Studio.

The new feature appears to support viewer comments in streams, but it currently lacks most of the creator-focused features of other platforms. The company has also said that it is exploring a new shopping feature with it. Paris Hilton. Variety reported that Hilton has “signed on to create four original video content programs each year that include live shopping features.”

X seems to be making a lot of efforts to join and rejoin the platform with various new features to attract more users. It remains to be seen how the reported features will pan out at launch.

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