Which Pakistani city is included among the cheapest cities in the world?


A list of the world’s cheapest cities has been released, with Pakistan’s city of lights Karachi at number six, while Singapore and New York are the most expensive cities. The name of Damascus, the capital of Syria, is the first among the cheapest cities in the world.

The British organization The Economist Group has rated the inflation of 174 cities around the world this year and its impact on the people, according to which inflation has increased the most in Istanbul, Buenos Aires and Tehran.

According to the PPI, the rate of inflation in the city of Caracas, Venezuela, was seen at 132% during one year. While Singapore is still the most expensive city in the world this year, as in the past several years, but this time New York is also on top along with it.

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Among the most expensive cities in the world are Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Zurich, Geneva, San Francisco, Paris, Copenhagen and Sydney. The cheapest city in the world is Damascus, the capital of Syria, followed by Tripoli, the city of Libya, Tehran, the capital of Iran, is the third cheapest city in the world.

According to a report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, Karachi is the sixth cheapest city in the world in terms of basic cost of living.

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