What exercises should people who spend the day sitting in offices do?


Majority of the working people spend a long part of the day sitting in front of the screen, this habit is causing many diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and mental disorders among them.

Health experts consider this habit as dangerous as smoking.

During a recent study, scientists revealed that exercising for a certain period of time is essential to counteract the harmful effects of a day of sitting.

According to research, if you spend 10 hours a day sitting, getting 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous-intensity exercise every day is essential to avoid the negative health effects. And according to experts, this is the right period.

The research is based on a meta-analysis published in 2020 that analyzed nine previous studies.

Research has shown that some moderate physical activity such as cycling, brisk walking and gardening can help reduce your risk of premature death.

The World Health Organization recommends 150 to 300 minutes of moderate or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous physical activity or exercise per week to address long periods of sitting.

Experts say that taking the stairs instead of the elevator, playing with children and pets, participating in yoga or dancing, doing housework, walking and cycling are all physical activities that people can incorporate into their daily routines. You can make yourself more active by doing it in between.

If you do all these things then don’t do 30 to 40 minutes of vigorous exercise every day, but start with light exercise of shorter duration.


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