What can be the causes of headache?


Headaches are becoming very common these days, however, they severely affect daily routines, some people use various medications to relieve headaches, but long-term use can be harmful.

There can be various causes of headache, if these causes are addressed, the headache and the medicines taken for it can be relieved.

Headaches caused by excessive screen use

Nowadays, many health problems are linked to excessive use of screens such as headaches and poor eyesight.

As most of the people spend their office hours or free time sitting in front of computers or other screens for hours, the headache that occurs in such cases is called computer vision headache which is considered to be the most common headache.

The main reason for this is the bright light that you are constantly exposed to, in addition to headaches while or after using your computer, you may also experience these types of symptoms.

Such as blurred or double vision also known as squint, red eyes, fatigue and neck pain etc.

If you experience this headache, minimize screen use, and take frequent breaks from computer use.

Giant cell arteritis headache

If the type of headache you have is accompanied by jaw pain, it may be a sign of giant cell arthritis while other symptoms include weight loss, blurred or double vision, fever and Softening of the scalp is included.

These headaches occur when the outer surface of the arteries starts to swell. These headaches are usually experienced by people who are at least 50 years old or older.

Although it is a serious disease, treatable with the right medication, it can lead to permanent vision loss if left untreated.

Cervical headache

If your headache starts between the neck and the scalp, it may be a cervogenic headache, which happens when you are bent over in one position for long periods of time, resulting in cervical spine or The C2 junction gets jammed which results in headaches.

Symptoms that accompany this pain include pain in the middle of the neck, tightness, pain in the neck muscles, tension in the chest muscles and stiffness in one part of the shoulders.

Massage is the best solution to get rid of this which helps to relax the muscles.


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