We have nothing to do, someone else’s role is being played, Ahsan Gujjar


Farah Khan’s husband Ahsan Gujjar has said that someone else’s character is being played by us, we have nothing to do with any gift transaction.

While giving an interview to Javed Chaudhary on private television, Ahsan Gujjar said that who sold the goods, who took them, how they sold them, where did the money go, Farah has nothing to do with it, and as far as I know the first lady. Yes, they also have nothing to do with this type of business and transaction. Regarding Farah, I want to say that we have never interfered in government affairs and we have no such history, we have not entered politics for the first time.

On the question of Javed Chaudhary that if the person making the accusation brings evidence? To which he said that evidence is evidence and is acceptable, but if someone brings evidence by making such audios, then we cannot do anything about it, they will have evidence only when Farah is there himself. Or a representative has gone.

Ahsan Gujjar said that if they say that they came and made a deal, then where did they come to Dubai? Because they did not come to our house, neither did the gifts come.

He refused to meet with Umar Farooq and said that Umar Farooq has neither met nor knows Farah, and Farah has nothing to do with buying and selling gifts. This is a false story, he said that every jewelery shop in Dubai has CCTVs, so take out any footage, give the receipt of the alleged 2 million.

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He also described Farah Khan’s relationship with Shahzad Akbar as a story, saying that he never met Shahzad Akbar, nor did Mary Begum have any relationship with him.

We have not seen any gifts with Imran Khan, we have always seen his arms and cupboards empty, as far as we have access in his house, we have not seen any place where there is any lock. We have not seen the watches, nor are we his traders, nor are we interested in them, nor do we know their prices.

We have no business relationship with Imran Khan and his wife, we have no transactional relationship with this family. We have not taken anything from them nor have they asked anything from us.

On the question of returning to Pakistan, he said, “Do you want to remove our pants as well?” Those who are doing this to gentlemen, no one wants to spoil their honor, neither we are politicians nor we have held any position in the government. Rana Sanaullah and this government are adamant that we have to bring Farah Khan in it but every other day they bring a new story. This allegation should be investigated not by the government but by neutral institutions, which everyone can trust, because this government is threatening a red warrant.

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