Was I accused of corruption that brought down our government? Imran Khan – Hum News


Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan said that if I was accused of corruption, our government was brought down.

Addressing the Rawalpindi rally, he said that when he started leaving Lahore, two things were said, he was forbidden to travel, everyone said that the condition of his leg is not such that he can travel.

He said that the second it was said that your life is in danger, I have seen death very closely.

Imran Khan said that 12 bullets hit the container, but there was no loss of life. Four bullets came out of Imran Ismail’s clothes.

He said that according to the doctors it will take me 3 months to recover. I am not worried about death but my leg has increased my difficulties.

He said that in 26 years of politics, he did not leave any opportunity to humiliate me, honor is in the hands of Allah, no one can humiliate you, never so many people came out for a prime minister as they did for me.

Imran Khan said that a free country flies up, slaves only do good slavery, a slave does not fly, only a free man flies, only free people do great things, a free nation goes up.

He said that in prosperous countries the courts do justice, in poor countries the prime minister steals money and takes it out of the country, the money of the poor is stolen and transferred to offshore accounts, there is no shortage of resources in Pakistan. should not be ruled by, martial law was used in the country, then law was broken, two dynasties ruled the country for thirty years but did not strengthen the institutions.

They said that I was accused of corruption that our government was overthrown, our government was removed under a conspiracy, in 2018 they bankrupted the country.

The former prime minister said that in 2018, he brought out the bankruptcy of the country, when we took over the country, we went abroad and took money from friendly countries. I used to feel ashamed to ask for money from friendly countries. came.

He said that when the country was taken over, Corona came which created havoc in the world, I said that we will not close the country.

Imran Khan said that I failed once in three and a half years, I could not bring the powerful under the law, I tried hard to bring those who had corruption cases under the law, NAB was not under me, who had control. They were not giving orders, I was told to forget accountability and focus on the economy, I was also told to change the NAB law.

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