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Getting angry is a normal behavior and expressing anger is also very important, suppressing and tolerating anger is very harmful for mental and physical health.

However, excessive and intense anger can also be harmful, not only affecting health but also disrupting relationships and social life.

Today we are going to tell you some anger management techniques that you can adopt to control your anger and avoid any potential harm.

Wait to calm down before expressing

It is better to wait before saying anything in anger, when your mind is calm it will be easier to think about what you want to express.

In a state of anger, often the wrong thing comes out of the mouth or the wrong decision is made, which later leads to regret.

Exit the scene

The moment you feel that tension is building and you are about to say something in anger, try to get away from that place and try some kind of physical exercise.

Walking, biking or even going for a walk can help reduce your stress levels, so you can calm down and face the situation in a positive way.

Take deep breaths

Breathing exercises play an important role in keeping the mind calm, so try to take deep breaths when you are angry.

Taking deep breaths helps to negate the various symptoms of your body’s fight or anger response, such as muscle tension, excessive sweating, and increased heart rate. , and includes rapid or slow breathing.

Change the way you speak

When talking about any issue, focus on arguments with the word ‘I’ to show the other person how you really feel as well as unnecessarily on the other side. Avoid blaming.

For example, you can say I’m sorry you arrived 15 minutes late, rather than saying you’re never on time.

Use humor

A touch of humor can also help relieve stress. Given the fact that no one really wants to fight, playing a few funny lines can help put an end to any conflict quickly.

However, it should not include an element of sarcasm as it can hurt the other person’s feelings and make the situation worse.

Learn to forgive and learn

Forgiveness is not easy for everyone, but holding a grudge or grudge is an act that drains a lot of your positive energy.

After the stress is over, it is important to learn from the past to avoid similar problems in the future.


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