Tosha Khana case: Receipts and history are there, Imran Khan


LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that we are fighting for the rule of law and no army chief will come who goes against the voice of the state and the people.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan while addressing the long march through video link said that more than 60 percent of the cabinet members are on bail and they gave themselves NRO as soon as they came to the government but we fought for the rule of law. have been.

He said that societies are destroyed where there is no justice and rich countries are prosperous because there is no corruption. They have been ruling the country for 30 years but they have no vision to run the country. After these 2 dynasties came to power the country went down and there is a 75% chance that the country will default.

Imran Khan said that if dollars are less in the country, the dollar rate will go up and inflation will increase. They fear that they will lose if the elections are held and they are leading the country to destruction to save themselves.

He said that elections are the only solution to get the country out of all crises and problems, but they have not done any work in the country with good intentions and they always start some kind of propaganda campaign against me.

Chairman PTI said that we have 40,000 registered donors, but they first do propaganda and later find out that it is not foreign, but prohibited funding. Asif Zardari and Yusuf Raza Gilani took expensive cars from Tosha Khana.

He said that I have no hope from the justice system and now I will file a case against Jang and Geo Group in London. The Supreme Court should transparently investigate the case of Arshad Sharif’s murder, while the treatment of Azam Swati should be investigated. These details are available in Tosha Khana.

Earlier, during a meeting with senior journalists and anchor persons in Lahore, Chairman PTI said that we are looking backwards in the matter of appointing the Army Chief, Nawaz Sharif wants a Chief who will deal with his affairs and cases. Take care, but no army chief will come who goes against the voice of the state and the people.

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He said that they will file a case against the relevant persons in Dubai, London and Pakistan on the Tosha Khana case, the receipts and dates of the goods sold in Islamabad in the Tosha Khana case are available, and the case will end when the evidence related to Tosha Khana goes to trial. will

We want positive and better relations with the US, not a fight. In the case of the US, we will give priority to our personal interests over national priorities. We received a message from the negotiation committee for negotiations, but I refused. Will be.

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