To whom did Imran Khan sell the gifts he took from Tosha Khana? The alleged buyer came forward


Former Prime Minister Imran Tosha Khana gifts buyer from Khan alleged Buyer in front came

According to Geonews, Dubai Of business Personality age Farooq by Claim what Is That He by Tosha Khana gifts 20 hundred thousand Dollar I bought

He claimed what That 2019 I Imran Khan of the Accountability Advisor Prince great by clock, Ring And Other Gifts to sell of the Took contact What did

Alleged buyer by Claim what That Saudi Willy Commitment From to meet The ones Gifts Farah Khan take do Dubai Office come on

What is Tosha Khana and how is it divided?

It should be noted that Chairman PTI Imran Khan Tosha The box On First He stance give finished are, That He by Law of the in accordance all Gifts Tosha The box From bought

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