TikTok to change how it will pay its filter creators


TikTok is making changes to its Effect Creator Rewards program with a lower threshold for joining, and a new payment structure.

First announced in May, the Effects Creator Rewards program had an estimated $6 million budget to pay creators of effects and filters. Before its launch, creators were creating filters, mini-games and more, with no reward, requiring 500,000 uses of the filter in videos. The limit is reduced to five published filters with at least three being used in 1,000 videos.

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The program will now include small creators as well as other geographies such as Brazil, Australia, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. There is no indication when the program will be expanded globally.

To declare in one blog post, TikTok also said it is adopting a new approach to payments. Pay rates will be variable based on the “territory where the video was made” instead of a flat rate for all creators. Unfair payment would mean that creators in the US would receive significantly more money than those in developing countries.


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