This is Lahore, 16 people including 14 women were kidnapped in 48 hours


Lahore: 16 people, including 14 women, have been kidnapped from Lahore, the capital of Punjab province, within 48 hours.

Lahore Police: Lady officers in charge of investigation appointed

According to the data available to the police, a girl from Green Town area of ​​Lahore, a woman from Raiwand City,
Women have also been abducted from Nishtar Colony and Shirakot areas.

Three girls have been abducted from Sabzazar area of ​​Lahore, girls from Race Course and North Cantonment areas, while one woman and one girl have been abducted from Nawab Town.

According to the police data, a girl has also been kidnapped from the factory area, while one boy has been kidnapped from Manawan and North Cantonment areas.

Lahore Police signs agreement with NADRA to arrest criminals

Hum News has been told by the police that a case has been registered and investigation has been started.

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