This country belongs to Bhutto and the people, Nisar Khoro


Nisar Khoro has said that this country belongs to Bhutto and the people.

According to the details, Senator Nisar Khoro, president of PPP Sindh, while addressing the participants in the Lyari rally, said that the beauty of PPP is that everyone believes in its philosophy, that’s why thousands of people come on the request of the worker.

He said that Ms. Benazir Bhutto had said that if anything happens to me, take care of PPK worker Pakistan.

Nisar Khoro also said that Imran must have stolen slippers along with the watch.

He said that Imran had taken a long march from Liberty Chowk in Lahore but his long march failed.

Nisar Khoro said that Imran Khan this country belongs to Bhutto and the people, Imran Khan was defeated by PPP from Malir constituency in Karachi.

People’s Party Sindh President Senator Nisar Khoro further said that Imran Khan would have lost against Nabil Gabol, that’s why Imran ran away from the field by pretending.

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