There may be armed people among the protesters, Islamabad Police Spokesman


Islamabad: Demonstrators have gathered at Faizabad towards Rawalpindi, who are present with sticks, slingshots and stones, but there may also be armed people among the demonstrators.

Firing on Imran Khan, case could not be registered even after 15 hours

Spokesman Islamabad Police has warned that young children are also included in the protestors, parents should prevent their children from being part of any illegal act.

The spokesperson of Islamabad Police has clearly said that the protesters from Rawalpindi are pelting stones on the Islamabad Police, the Rawalpindi administration is preventing the protesters from illegal actions, the Islamabad Police is identifying the evil elements.

Assassination attack on Imran Khan, protests across the country, lawyers strike

Spokesperson of Islamabad Police has said that legal action will be taken with the help of Rawalpindi Police, Islamabad Capital Police is engaged in establishing public order.

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