There is no need to conduct an election campaign, we will come to power, Imran Khan


Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that we do not even need to conduct an election campaign due to the conditions the government has created, we will come to power.

In his video address, he said that since our government left, I have been saying that elections should be held to bring stability to the country. Today, the business community who thought they would do something is also disappointed.

He said, “I am afraid that these people will not take matters to a direction where it will be very difficult to get out.”

Imran Khan said that the situation was very bad in 2018, the biggest problem was the current account deficit, we spent the first year in the government very hard, if China, Saudi Arabia and UAE did not help us, it would have been very difficult for us. .

He said that after that the corona epidemic spread, which increased the problems, everyone criticized me for imposing the lockdown, if we had stopped the wheel of the economy in corona, people would have died of hunger here, we have prevented the corona epidemic. We made very difficult decisions during the first two years, we came out of the double crisis.

There were differences with the establishment over accountability and not removing Usman Buzdar, Imran Khan

The former prime minister said that those who were brought have a record of 30 years, since these two families came into politics, we started going backwards, what happened today was bound to happen.

He said that the improvement of the country will come when the majority rule in the country, our parliamentary system cannot face the challenges, the rule of law is necessary in the country.

He said that we wanted to bring technology in FBR but the people sitting inside did not want it, real estate is the biggest mafia in the country, government land worth 1200 billion rupees is occupied in Islamabad, law in the country If there is governance, foreign investment will come.

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