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The start of international exhibition of construction companies in Saudi Arabia


The international exhibition of construction companies has started in Saudi Arabia.

According to the details, Pakistani companies are also participating in the international exhibition of construction companies in Saudi Arabia, which are the special center of attention of people from all over the world.

Famous construction companies from all over the world have set up their stalls in this exhibition named ‘Saudi Build’ in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, in which 12 well-known companies from Pakistan are also participating.

In this international exhibition of construction companies, there are stalls of marble, electric fan and engineering companies in the Pakistani pavilion, among others.

The ‘Made in Pakistan’ products of the Pakistani Pavilion are the focus of attention of foreigners from Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Azhar Ali Dahir, Minister of Trade and Investment of the Pakistani Embassy, ​​says that it has always been our effort to introduce Pakistani companies in a better way to ensure the absorption of their products in a big market like Saudi Arabia.

The representatives of the Pakistani companies participating in the exhibition have also praised the exhibition and said that there is a need to increase trade to improve the economic conditions of Pakistan and Saudi blood exhibition will have encouraging results.

In addition to construction equipment, heavy machinery has also been placed in the exhibition. Thousands of people are attending to see the exhibition.

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