The question is whether the convicted man will decide when the elections will be held, Imran Khan – Hum News


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that two important decisions are being made in London, the question is whether the convicted man will decide when the elections will be held.

In a video address to the workers of PTI Long March, he said that it is impossible to imagine that a fugitive accused will make the decisions of the country, Shahbaz Sharif does not know that a sensitive matter can be discussed with the fugitive accused. The man whose aim is to steal money and NRO is to be taken, will he make decisions?

Imran Khan said that today our senators and parliamentarians have submitted a petition, the case of attack on Azam Swati, Arshad Sharif and me has been taken to the Supreme Court, I hope the Chief Justice will hear this case.

The former prime minister said that what happened to Shahbaz Sharif in Britain is known to the whole nation, he said that I am the prime minister, he cannot appear, the law penalized him.

He said that 26 years ago I started the movement for the rule of law, today I could not register the FI of murder on me, it is a decisive time to bring the country to the rule of law. Prosperity cannot come in the country without justice, if you want to bring prosperity here, you have to bring justice.

He added that everyone is equal before the law in Britain, we are ranked 129th in the justice index in the world, Sher Shah Suri caught the big dacoits who broke the law, he established justice and prosperity came.

Imran Khan said that our income is decreasing, everything is going down, when the country’s income will decrease, how will we repay the loans? I have been saying for 26 years that we want to be friends with everyone, slavery is not for anyone, if India wants to solve the Kashmir issue, then we are ready to be friends with them, our foreign policy does not protect the interests of the people of Pakistan, we are China, Russia. And want good relations with America.

He said that the cipher was kept in the National Security, Parliament and sent to the President of the country. The Pakistani ambassador also said that threats were made. are on a journey.

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