The next government in Sindh will be of PTI, Ali Zaidi


Ali Zaidi has said that the next government in Sindh will be of PTI.

According to the details, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Ali Zaidi said in a press conference at the Insaf House that he will approach the UAE and London court for legal action regarding the important action taken by a channel.

He said that Umar Farooq’s Interpol has also issued a red warrant against those against whom cases have been registered in the world. People will not accept it.

Ali Zaidi also said that till people’s mandate is not given importance, closed room decisions will continue to be imposed, when Benazir Bhutto was martyred, she had a 3 seat government and now it is 12 or 13. , what he has done for the people in 15 years is that his seats are increasing.

He said that people drowned due to floods, they are dying of hunger and you are still making plans, plans are made before floods, Murad Ali Shah does not know how to make plans to prepare for disasters. They don’t know what they have studied in America.

The PTI leader also said that the Prime Minister is running around, spent a month in America and came back with the answer that Pakistan’s nuclear assets are not safe, Ali Zaidi.

He said that the Kenyan police are giving different statements regarding the martyrdom of Arshad Sharif, the post-mortem report revealed everything, you could not call the ambassador of Kenya and answer the questions.

Ali Zaidi said that they are afraid of Kenya, they are afraid of America, how have people brought this on our heads, PTI is a democratic party, we have the right to be given fair elections, we have no other demand. .

He said that even our Election Commission cannot conduct the election, they are delaying the election of Sindh as well.

The leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Ali Zaidi further said that when the excuse of rain ended, they used the police as an excuse, while 7,000 policemen were sent to the Islamabad Long March. I belong to PTI.

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