The first World Cup of football in the Arab world, the atmosphere of Eid in the streets of Qatar!


Doha, November 20 (SO News/Agency) Today, the football field in Qatar is ready to be decorated and fans from all over the world continue to arrive. The first match of the FIFA World Cup was played today between the teams of Qatar and Ecuador. will go

The first World Cup of football in the Arab world is going to start today, the streets of Qatar are in the mood of Eid, the streets and roads of Qatar have been decorated with electric lanterns for the World Cup. The influx of fans from across the country continues and fans from different countries are seen adopting different ways and styles on the streets to support their respective teams.

The World Cup will begin with a match between the hosts Qatar and Ecuador at Albeit Stadium and a grand opening ceremony will also be organized before the match.

It should be noted that on the occasion of the Football World Cup, Qatar has banned the sale of alcohol in the stadium. No drinking alcohol.

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