The delicious national cuisine of Azerbaijan is popular in Pakistan


National dishes of Azerbaijan were served at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Pakistan.

According to the details, a ceremony was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Pakistan, in which wives of foreign ambassadors, diplomats and Pakistanis also participated.

Addressing the event, Mrs. Tarana Farhadova, wife of Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Pakistan, said that each region of Azerbaijan has its own unique cuisine.

Tarana Farhadova shared with them comprehensive information about the rich and ancient cuisine of Azerbaijan and also informed the guests about the preparation method of these dishes.

Later, the guests tasted pilaf, dolma, shosha kaliasi, chicken lungi, gatab, doga, mangal salad, as well as Karabakh kata, Nakhchivan chocha, shamakhi matka, goba bakma, pakhlava, shakar bora and shurghoghal prepared by the embassy.

The participants were shown the process of preparing dolma, one of the most delicious dishes in Azerbaijani cuisine, at the event.

The food and pastries served created a lot of interest and impression among the guests.

The event also featured a number of videos depicting Azerbaijan’s rich history, culture and tourism potential.

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