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The Chinese President gave the Canadian Prime Minister a hard time


At the G20 summit meeting in Bali, Indonesia, the Chinese president gave the Canadian prime minister a shout-out.

According to Indian media reports, a video of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is going viral on social media, in which the Chinese President is saying harsh words to the Canadian Prime Minister.

The video was made during the break from the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, when the Chinese president and the Canadian prime minister approached each other.

Expressing his displeasure, the Chinese President told the Canadian Prime Minister that whatever we discussed has been leaked from the papers, it is not appropriate and this is not the way to talk.

The Chinese president said these words in Chinese, but his interpreter was present, who translated the words into English and told them to Justin Trudeau.

On this bitter sentence of the Chinese President, the Canadian Prime Minister said that in Canada we believe in free and open dialogue and this will continue, and we will disagree with it.

The Canadian Prime Minister’s response was relayed to the Chinese President by a translator in Chinese, after which the Chinese President shook hands with Justin Trudeau, but he shook his head like an angry headmaster and said, “That’s great, let’s create such a situation first.” do

The exchange between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Canadian President Justin Trudeau was recorded by a cameraman standing nearby.

It should be noted that on Tuesday, Trudeau met with the Chinese president and his office said that he expressed concern about Chinese interference in Canadian elections.

According to an official source, the Canadian Prime Minister discussed the issues of Ukraine, the war in North Korea and climate change in his ten-minute conversation with the Chinese President.

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