The appointment of Army Chief has not been decided, Nawaz Sharif has not been consulted, Imran Khan is avoiding everything, Khawaja Asif.


Islamabad: Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has said that no decision has been taken on the appointment of the Army Chief, Nawaz Sharif has not yet been consulted on the appointment of the Army Chief, this is air news.

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The central leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Khawaja Asif said this while talking informally to the media in Parliament.

When a journalist asked him that Nawaz Sharif has any role in appointing the Army Chief? So he clearly said that the advice on the appointment of the Army Chief is the discretion of the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister will decide on the appointment of the Army Chief.

When Defense Minister Khawaja Asif was asked that there is no consultation with Nawaz Sharif? So he said that there has been no consultation on the appointment of the Army Chief yet, this is air news.

The appointment of Army Chief is a constitutional matter, it will be resolved according to the constitution, Prime Minister

During an informal conversation, when Khawaja Asif was asked that Imran Khan changed his statement on the American conspiracy, would it still be called a conspiracy? So he said that Imran Khan is turning away for the first time, he turns away from everything.

The Defense Minister asked the media that how many things did Imran Khan stand on in the last four years? Imran Khan himself does not remember what state he is in and what he says.

Khawaja Asif said that Imran Khan has said that the FIR of my murder has not been registered, Imran Khan does not know what he is saying.

Shahbaz Sharif has come to take guidance from Nawaz Sharif on the appointment of Army Chief, Khawaja Asif

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif, in response to another question, said that if some people are ready to believe his words, that is their matter.

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