Spotify plans not to ban AI-generated music.


Daniel Eck, the owner of Spotify, said in a recent interview with BBC News that the company will not ban content created using AI. Earlier this year, Spotify removed a song that featured AI clone voices from artists Drake and The Weeknd.

According to Ek, the tech had valid uses in creating music – but AI should not be used to impersonate human artists without their consent. He believes the AI ​​debate will continue for “many, many years.”

He explained his position by saying that there are three “buckets” in the use of AI, tools to improve music, tools to imitate artists and tools that are inspired by artists but do not imitate them. He believed that tools for improvising music were acceptable but tools for imitating artists were not.

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Talking about the challenges facing the music industry, he said that it is going to be tough.

Artists are increasingly threatened by AI. Just last month, Irish musician Hoosier said he would consider attacking the threat of AI to his profession.

“You can imagine someone uploading a song claiming to be Madonna, even if they’re not,” Mr. Eck said. trying to game.” “We have a huge team working on exactly these types of problems.”


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