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South Africa, thousands strike for higher wages


In South Africa, thousands of public and private sector employees went on a nationwide strike to demand higher wages.

According to foreign media reports, trade unions representing around 8 lakh government employees are on a nationwide strike to increase their salaries commensurate with necessities.

Thousands of public sector workers in South Africa have launched a nationwide strike to demand better wages.

The workers’ strike began after the collapse of wage negotiations between the trade unions and the government, in which the government had announced a 3 percent increase in workers’ salaries.

However, the trade unions have rejected the government’s offer and have asked that the salaries should be increased by at least 10 percent in line with rising inflation.

Foreign media have reported that the conflict between the government and its employees puts pressure on President Cyril Ramaphosa, as he seeks re-election as leader of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party.

South Africa has seven trade unions representing 800,000 civil servants, including those working in hospitals, schools and police stations.

The striking workers are marching in 8 provinces of the country and last week these workers gathered in thousands outside hospitals, ports and government offices to show their strength.

The trade unions have said in a joint statement that the government wants the employees to stand helpless in the face of inflation, but we cannot afford it.

It should be noted that inflation in South Africa was 7.5 percent in September, down from a peak of 7.8 percent in July.

At the beginning of this month, South African Labor Minister Thalas Nxisi said that the government will unilaterally implement a 3 percent increase across the board.

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