Smog crossed red line in Lahore, advised to impose state of emergency


The smog has crossed the red line in Lahore and a professor of Punjab University has suggested imposing a state of emergency in the city.

According to ARY News, the smog has crossed the red line in Lahore, the capital of Punjab, which has increased the health risks of the citizens. In the current situation, Professor Dr. Zulfiqar of Punjab University has advised to impose a state of emergency.

Professor Dr. Zulfiqar Ali says that the air quality index in Lahore has reached 577 points, the smog testing equipment was brought with the support of the British University, the data obtained from these equipment is very disturbing.

He said that if awareness is not created among people regarding smog, they may suffer from serious diseases, citizens of Lahore should avoid unnecessary transportation.

On the other hand, due to the dangerous increase in smog, the visibility has become very low in many cities of Punjab. Due to the smog in Okara, the flow of traffic in the GT Road and the city is slow and the doctors have advised the citizens to stay at home during the smog. Mandatory use of mask while going out has been advised.


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