Sehun; 18 people died in a high-speed van accident


A high-speed van has met with an accident at the Indus Highway toll plaza in Sehun, killing 18 people.

According to details, the cut off by the management at the Indus Highway Toll Plaza has led to the loss of life of several passengers, a speeding van fell into the canal at the Indus Highway Toll Plaza in Sehun.

Due to the depth of the water, the van is completely submerged.

Police say that 18 people have died in the accident, most of whom are children.

The passengers belong to Khairo Meris area of ​​Sindh.

Notice of IG Sindh

The IG Sindh has instructed the rescue teams and said that the rescue teams should take the injured to the nearest hospital with immediate help.

He said that the belongings of the victims of the accident should be protected, steps should be taken to notify the relatives of the injured and dead passengers, and the relevant SSP should conduct rescue measures under their supervision.

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