Second snowfall of winter in highlands, tourists flock


Swat: The second snowfall of the winter in the upper regions has led to the arrival of tourists, while the urban areas of Swat have continued to receive rain since last day.

Heavy rain in Islamabad, the weather turned cold

The second snowfall of the winter in the upper reaches has blanketed the mountains of Mahudand, Osho, Gabral and Mittaltan, while a large number of tourists have flocked to the Mahudund Lake to enjoy the weather.

Due to the snowfall in different areas, the intensity of cold is continuously increasing and people have started wearing warm clothes.

First snowfall of the year in different parts of the country, increasing the intensity of cold

The flow of tourists from all over the country to enjoy the snow covered scenery has also started while the consumption of dry fruits, tea, coffee and coffee has also increased.

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