Science has also proven the benefits of crying


This habit of crying people especially women is not liked but science has proved that crying and shedding tears is very useful for physical and emotional health.

You must have often noticed that whenever you cry and shed tears, after a few moments there is a sense of relief and a burden on the heart seems to be lifted.

Now it has also been proven by science that while on the one hand crying makes you feel better mentally and emotionally by getting out of anxiety and anxiety conditions, on the other hand it also has immense physical benefits.

However, frequent crying indicates depression, despair, and other mental disorders, while occasional crying without an underlying medical condition is a healthy response. Its advantages are as follows.

In the case of crying, tears flow from the eyes which on one hand provide moisture to the eyes and on the other hand also ensure this cleanliness, as if tears play a key role in keeping the eyes healthy.

There are many types of tears, one of them is called emotional tears, vision experts say that emotional tears are different from other tears, they contain proteins and hormones.

This is why they help relieve pain and anxiety conditions and play an important role in bringing the body back into a relaxed state.

Tears provide moisture to our eye which improves vision, it contains many chemicals that clean the eye, kill bacteria, remove harmful irritants and protect against various infections.

Tears contain ninety-eight percent water, some salt, fatty oils, and 1,500 different proteins.It also contains a type of antibacterial chemical that helps fight infection.

Vision experts further say that crying is very useful for people who work sitting in front of the screen, it removes the dryness of their eyes.

Crying is also a natural process of expressing emotions, this process is not only associated with one’s own emotions and feelings, but tears also flow in the sadness, anger and happiness of others.

When we cry it creates a kind of catharsis i.e. reduces stress and calms us down, various researches have shown that crying is a way out of any situation.


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