Saudi crown prince’s visit to Pakistan likely to be rescheduled – Hum News


Saudi Willy Commitment Prince Muhammad become Salman of visit Pakistan Re Schedule to be of possibility Is.

Diplomatic Sources of the in accordance Saudi Willy Commitment of the Visits Of Re Scheduling of the process Continued Is. Saudi Willy Commitment by 21 November To Pakistan of visit to do was

According to diplomatic sources, Pakistan is expected to receive an additional bailout package of 4.2 billion dollars and strong investment during the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

During the visit of the Saudi Prime Minister and Crown Prince, several Pak-Saudi petroleum agreements are being finalized.

Saudi Arabia will help in establishing a modern oil refinery in Gwadar in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia will cooperate with China to establish a modern oil refinery in Gwadar at a cost of 10 billion dollars

According to diplomatic sources, Chinese companies will initially operate the refinery after the completion of the project.

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