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Russia launched an icebreaker into the sea


Russia has put a new icebreaker ship to sea for energy markets.

According to foreign media reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the launching ceremony of a new nuclear-powered icebreaker through a video link.

The ship will help Russia develop the Arctic and explore new energy markets amid sanctions on Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin spoke via video link at the launching ceremony of the Yakutia icebreaker, which was held in St. Petersburg.

The Russian President said that this ship named Yakutia is of strategic importance for Russia.

It should be noted that this ship named Yakutia will work to remove the Arctic sea ice, which is powered by nuclear power.

The Kremlin chief vowed to build up his country’s nuclear fleet despite current difficulties in Russia’s economy and production, in clear defiance of Western sanctions over Moscow’s aggression in Ukraine.

The Russian President said that we will increase the capabilities of our nuclear icebreaker fleet.

The Ural is expected to be operational in December, while the Yakutia will join the fleet in late 2024, President Putin said.

Both ships are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions in the Far North, are 173 meters (568 ft) in length and can break through ice up to 2.8 meters thick.

The Russian leader said the ships are part of Moscow’s efforts to strengthen Russia’s position as a major Arctic power.

He again stressed the importance of developing the so-called Northern Sea Route for shipping, which could give ships faster access to Asian ports in just 15 days than the traditional Suez Canal.

Winter shipping in the eastern Arctic closes in November, but Moscow hopes the icebreakers Ural and Yakutia will help make the route usable.

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