Rumors claim that Apple will release the latest iPad this week.


Rumors claim that a surprise iPad update announcement is making its way this week. 9to5Mac confirmed Supercharged’s report that the company will announce specific bumps for its three iPads.

However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gunman said, “I don’t believe an update of any significance is imminent,” while acknowledging that versions of the iPad with new chips are on the way.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple will make the announcement in a press release, where the iPad Air and iPad mini will be hit with the M2 and A16 Bionic chips. While the iPad Air and 10th generation iPads were refreshed last year, the company has yet to update the iPad Mini with the A15 Bionic chips.

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The rumor also details an update to the display controller to fix the Jelly Scrolling issue in the iPad mini. However, the report cautions that the update won’t bring major changes like a new OLED display.


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