Punjab female ombudsman active to protect women from inheritance rights and harassment – Hum News


Special Courts organized by Khatun Ombassad Punjab for provision of legal rights of women and redressal of grievances are ensuring prompt resolution of problems faced by women and provision of justice.

During one year, the female ombudsman of Punjab solved 2,000 cases out of 4,500, reconciled 500 complaints, and protected women from inheritance rights and harassment during employment for the first time in 2013. Punjab was appointed.

From July last year to June this year, orders were issued on 2000 complaints out of 4500 cases.

Four hundred and fifty complaints related to women’s inheritance and harassment were reconciled. Inheritance issues are resolved in sixty days in the office of the female ombudsman Punjab.

According to the female ombudsman of Punjab, Nabila Khan, there have also been reported cases in which there was a fifty-year-old case. Best work here no date is given both parties are called and regular processing takes place.

In one year, the female ombudsman of Punjab took action on more than six thousand complaints of harassment in public and private offices and provided protection to women.

Female Ombudsman of Punjab, Nabila Khan further said that during the redressal of the complaint, a warning is given, in this case, the employee is dismissed from the job and demotion is also done in these cases. Even salaries are withheld.

Female Cylians say that earlier, where ages used to be spent for redressal of complaints, now justice is given immediately by hearing in the office of the female ombudsman. Earlier, a lot of effort had to be taken for justice, but this is not the case anymore.

Along with the manual, an online complaint system is also being launched for the convenience of women citizens through which women will be able to register their complaints online from the comfort of their homes.

Female Ombudsman Punjab Nabila Khan said that this institution is still new. Helpline number is being created. Grievances can be registered online as well as through mail, for receipt of complaints.

Along with the central office in Lahore, the scope of Khatun Mubatsab Punjab is being extended to districts across the province, which will help in solving the problems faced by women in remote areas.

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