Punjab: 81 people died due to flood, 55 thousand 452 houses were destroyed, survey – Hum News


More than 55,000 houses were destroyed due to the recent floods in Punjab, more than 80 people lost their lives. will be started.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority of Punjab has released the data on the damage caused by the flood.

According to the survey, fifty-five thousand four hundred and fifty-two houses were destroyed by the flood in Punjab, of which forty-seven thousand five hundred and eighty-five raw houses and seven thousand eight hundred and sixty-six ready-made houses were affected.

Due to the flood, crops standing on 430,000 acres were damaged, eighty-one people were killed, fifty-five were injured, and two were disabled, while six hundred and fifty-two animals were killed.

Pakistan flood devastation report due next week, World Bank

According to the spokesperson of PDMA, Muhammad Fanwak, an aid amount of Rs. .

Four lakh rupees will be given for the collapse of a ready-made house, two lakh rupees for a broken house, seventy-five thousand rupees for the death of a large animal and five thousand rupees for the death of a small animal.

This week, an agreement has been reached to distribute an amount of twelve billion rupees through the Bank of Punjab for the financial assistance of the flood victims. Special counters will be established for the distribution of funds in twenty-five branches of the affected districts.

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