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Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that he should pray for the health of Imran Khan, but he cannot remain silent on conspiracies. The Prime Minister demanded the formation of a full court commission of the Supreme Court on the allegations of Imran Khan.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said in a press conference that there is no place for violence in politics and it will not be tolerated. I pray for the speedy recovery of all the injured including Imran Khan. The shooting incident in Long March was witnessed by everyone.

He said that I have directed the Ministry of Interior to provide all possible help to the provincial government and I had also postponed my press conference on this incident. Yesterday and the day before yesterday, the worst kind of accusation was made, me, Rana Sanaullah and an officer of an organization were accused which is sad. Once again lies and cynicism were demonstrated.

Shahbaz Sharif said that harsh words should be avoided on this occasion, but they are doing actions to bring the nation down with their malice and cynicism. It is my duty to play my positive role to save Pakistan.

He said that he should pray for Imran Khan’s health but cannot remain silent on conspiracies. Imran Khan spoke against institutions while Imran Khan is a statue of lies from head to toe.

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The Prime Minister said that I was accused of 10 billion rupees in the Panama case and the case has been going on for 5 years, but his lawyers are not present. It wants retired judges to blackmail like Javed Iqbal. Imran Khan’s statements are full of contradictions and Imran Khan is attacking the army like an enemy. He used to say that General Bajwa is standing with me.

He said that after the statements of Imran Khan, what else does the enemy country India need because Imran Khan is making serious allegations against the army institution which no one had thought of. Imran Khan is trying his best to derail the country while on September 28 he sent a message to the Punjab government that there is a fear of terrorism in the jalsa processions.

While raising questions, he said that why the case of the firing incident has not been registered yet? And why was the post-mortem of the citizen killed in the shooting not done? If you want to cut this false FIR, then cut it. The Punjab government is not mine, the IG is theirs, the government is theirs. Imran Khan did not let any chance of blackmailing by involving the institutions.

Shahbaz Sharif said that the trial court gave us a clean chit in the Model Town case during his tenure and where did the Multan Metro case go? Only China was defamed. A person named Javed Sadiq was said to be my frontman.

He said that the secrets regarding foreign policy are buried in my chest and I cannot reveal these secrets while Imran Khan destroyed the economy and foreign relations. If Imran Khan gives proof of his allegation, he will not be the prime minister even for a moment, but if Imran Khan does not give proof, it will be cruel to the country to remain silent while the evidence itself is calling out that this person is a liar.

The Prime Minister said that after the incident, why did Imran Khan not go to any government hospital on the way and why did he not take the medico-legal certificate from the government hospital? Why did Imran Khan travel for 3 hours and go to Shaukat Khanum Hospital?

He said that the fake drug case against Rana Sanaullah was put under whose direction? And Imran Khan ordered the officer to make a false case against Rana Sanaullah, then he was bailed not by me but by Imran Khan. Imran Khan’s heart is of stone not human and Talat Mahmood was a classmate of Nawaz Sharif, but Talat Mahmood was also a close friend of Imran Niazi and Talat Mahmood’s nickname was Tom. These three used to play cricket together in the gymnasium.

He said that Talat Mahmood became the chairman of a corporate bank in Punjab and Imran Niazi got angry on the appointment of Talat Mahmood, after which Imran Niazi filed a case against Talat Mahmood in NAB while Imran Khan accused Tom of cancer. He was not allowed to go out even for treatment and when Talat died, the next day he tweeted that my childhood friend is gone. What can be a greater example of stone hearth than this.

Shahbaz Sharif said that Aleem Khan invested billions of rupees on Imran Khan’s politics, then when Aleem Khan was caught, he said why not handcuff him. Imran Khan also played politics on Arshad Sharif’s case. What was said for the martyrs of the Quetta tragedy, no enemy even says. When Naeemul Haq died, it did not even go to his funeral.

He said that it talks about burning and surrounding, but we never even thought about it. The government changed in a constitutional way. What its social media brigade has done against the institution, even the heavens will cry. You did not lock DGFIA in a room, but now milk will have to be milked for water, otherwise the country will not be able to move forward. If the decisions come in your favor, everything is right, but if they come against you, everything is wrong.

The Prime Minister appealed to the Supreme Court to form a full court commission on the allegations of Imran Khan and said that a full court commission should be formed on the allegations of Chief Justice Imran Khan and I will also write a letter to the Chief Justice in this regard and I hope This request will be accepted.

He said that I will submit to every decision of the Full Court Commission and will appear immediately whenever the Supreme Court calls for it. As Prime Minister, he continued to appear in the trial court and the federal government will also fully cooperate with the commission. The Full Court Commission should also investigate the incident of Arshad Sharif’s martyrdom.

Shahbaz Sharif said that there is a meeting today at the request of Pakistan Army and the duty will be fulfilled with full responsibility. I will not waste a single second in fulfilling my duty and the demand of Pakistan Army will be obeyed.

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