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ISLAMABAD: Prices of 23 essential items including onion, tomato, eggs, salt, tea, red chilli powder and energy saver bulbs have increased.

Inflation hits record high, Bureau of Statistics

In the latest weekly review report issued by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, it has been stated that the overall rate of inflation has reached 28.67 percent due to an increase of 0.26 percent in the last week.

According to the review report, the prices of 23 essential commodities have increased in the last one week, the prices of 13 commodities have decreased while the prices of 15 commodities have been stable.

According to the data, the price of salt increased by 7.61%, the price of tea by 5.90%, the price of chicken by 4.89%, the price of onion by 4.61%, the price of egg by 3.66% and the price of tomato by 2.41%. A percentage increase is recorded.

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According to the report, 1.30 percent in the price of red chili powder, 6.32 percent in the price of firewood and
The price of energy saver bulbs has increased by 1.32%.

According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, this week the price of potato has decreased by 6%, the price of lentils by 1.56%, the price of chickpeas by 1.46%, the price of dal mash by 0.68% and the price of mung beans by 0.62%. .

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According to the review report, this week the price of one kg packet of vegetable ghee has increased by 1.08%, the price of a five liter pack of oil by 0.38%, the price of garlic by 0.26%, the price of wheat flour by 0.22% and the price of LPG. There has been a decrease of 0.22%.

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