Police don’t have it, bandits have anti-aircraft guns, CM Sindh


Sukkur: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has claimed that anti-aircraft guns are not with the police but with the robbers, the weapons they have are not coming from here but from outside.

A defiant PTI member demanded a budget for dacoits

Syed Murad Ali Shah, after expressing his condolences to the family members of the martyred SHO Abdul Malik Kamangar, said in a conversation with the media that police officers have been martyred in the Kacha area in Ghotki, which is saddened.

He said that 7 years ago, there was travel on the highways under the security of the police and the army, but now there is no area in Sindh that can be called a no-go area. He said that the areas of Ghotki Kashmore and Shikarpur are difficult areas, there have been martyrdoms in the operation to recover the abducted youths, but they will establish peace here as well.

The Chief Minister of Sindh said that the task has been given to the police to end the supply of weapons, and 3 and a half billion has been approved for the purchase of modern weapons.

The PP leader and Chief Minister of Sindh admitted that the law and order situation in Ghotki district is not satisfactory and approved the establishment of more police stations in Ghotki.

Earlier, Chief Minister Sindh presided over a meeting held regarding law and order in Sukkur, in which IG Sindh, DIG Sukkur, Senator Mehtab Mehr, MNA Nauman Ismail, Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners also participated. SSP Ghotki gave a briefing regarding

Sindh: It is better not to take immediate help of Rangers and Army for the operation in Kache

In the high-level meeting, prayers were prayed for the elevation of the ranks of the martyred police officers and personnel, while Syed Murad Ali Shah gave orders to establish more police pickets in the area and increase the police force.

The Chief Minister of Sindh directed that the intelligence work should be increased in the Kucha area, any future operation should be done on the basis of intelligence, the roads should be repaired and reconstructed in the Kucha area.

While addressing the high-level meeting, the Chief Minister of Sindh said that the IG Sindh should send a proposal to the officers posted in Kucha, I want complete peace in Kucha, whatever budget is required will be provided by the Sindh government.

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Syed Murad Ali Shah directed the IG Sindh to put a price on the heads of the robbers of raw materials, I want the robbers who killed police officers and officials behind bars.

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