PMC solves 60 cases of doctors’ negligence, punishes 52


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has solved 60 cases of negligence of doctors, these cases have been solved in just 30 days.

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The spokesperson of PMC has said in this regard that 52 doctors have been punished against whom there were complaints.

According to the spokesman, several meetings of the Disciplinary Committee were held to address the complaints of the public and patients against the negligence of doctors.

It should be noted that the Disciplinary Committee of PMC is responsible for investigating, investigating and resolving all issues, cases related to medical and dental negligence.

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The committee consists of members of the PMC Council and senior experts in the profession from all specialties relevant to the cases under hearing.

According to the PMC spokesperson, in just 30 days several meetings were held in different provinces of the country, the Disciplinary Committee heard 60 cases to resolve all the grievances.

The Disciplinary Committee revoked or suspended the licenses of 9 doctors, fined 10 doctors while warning 5 doctors for their minor negligence, the committee acquitted 13 doctors.

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In this regard, the spokesperson has said that PMC will not tolerate negligence or misbehavior of any doctor and no doctor will be allowed to play with the lives of innocent patients.

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