Pakistan’s financial deficit increased to 809 billion rupees


Pakistan’s financial deficit increased to 809 billion rupees. The Ministry of Finance released the monthly economic outlook report.

According to the report, the rate of inflation has been recorded at 25.5 percent. Exports, FBR revenue and agricultural credit provision increased. Due to government measures, inflation is expected to decrease.

According to the Ministry of Finance, there was a decrease in current account deficit, remittances, imports, foreign investment and foreign exchange reserves. In the months of July and September last year, the fiscal deficit was 438 billion rupees.

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The current account deficit decreased in four months and the current account deficit is 2 billion 80 billion dollars as compared to 5 billion 30 billion dollars last year.

While remittances from abroad have decreased by 8.6%. In four months, remittances of 9 billion 900 million dollars were received from abroad, which was 10 billion 800 million dollars last year.

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