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Pakistani Roohafza banned in India

Pakistani Roohafza banned in India

The Delhi High Court has banned the sale of Pakistani brand Roohafza.

According to a Kashmir Media Service report, the Delhi High Court in India has stopped Amazon India from selling Pakistan’s world-famous brand Roohafza.

According to reports, Hamdard National Foundation and Hamdard Laboratories India had filed a petition in the High Court to stop Amazon India from selling Pakistani-made Roohafza on its platform.

After hearing the petition, the court issued an order in favor of the Hamdard National Foundation and imposed a permanent ban on the sale of Rooh Afra in India, when in fact Rooh Afza has been sold in India for more than a century.

Apart from this, the court has also ordered Amazon to remove other products made in Pakistan from its platform.

According to the petitioner, Roohafza was being sold on Amazon but the seller was not disclosing its details. The court said that it is Amazon’s responsibility to disclose the names of the sellers.

It should be noted that Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed had introduced Roohafza, but after distribution in the subcontinent it is being sold in both countries.

After partition, Abdul Majeed’s eldest son stayed in India, while his second son migrated to Pakistan and started Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan.

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