Pakistan never defaulted, we will make payments, Ishaq Dar – Hum News


Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that baseless rumors are being spread regarding the economy of the country, Pakistan has never defaulted, we will make the payments.

While talking to the media, he said that there may be political motives behind spreading rumours, negative talks about the economy affect the contracts.

He said that it is being spread that Pakistan will not be able to pay its sukuk bonds in December, clarifying that the bonds will be paid on time. No one should worry about this.

Ishaq Dar said that avoid irresponsible talk about economy, first we are Pakistanis then there is a connection with a party, stop spreading rumours, Pakistan belongs to everyone, irresponsible statements harm the country. .

The country’s economy was sunk by leaving the dollar free, Ishaq Dar

He said that there is no shortage of petrol and diesel in the country, all are rumours, there are sufficient reserves of petroleum products in the country.

He said that it is being said that the current account deficit is out of control, but it is not, don’t listen to the rumors about Pakistan defaulting.

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