Over 1200 successful robotic operations per year at SIUT


KARACHI: After more than 1200 successful robotic operations in a year, the first two-day international symposium was organized at SIUT.

According to the details, a two-day symposium was organized on the completion of one year of the establishment of the Department of Robotic Surgery established in Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT).

More than 1200 successful operations of kidney, bladder, stones, cancer and diseases related to stomach and liver have been done in SIUT.

A large number of surgeons from Pakistan and around the world participated in the opening ceremony, prominent robotic surgeons from the United States and the United Kingdom also spoke on the occasion.

UK’s Dr. Mark Slack, who is the head of a robot manufacturing company, appreciated the services of SIUT, which is providing state-of-the-art facilities to a common man for free and with self-respect. He spoke about the evolution of robotic surgery and its various techniques, and its role in various fields of medicine.

Dr. Irfan Rizvi, who came from America, spoke about the need and importance of robotic surgery, while another Dr. Khursheed Guru, from America, said that new surgeons can now learn robotic surgery directly. Highlighted the importance and role of robotic surgery in other related diseases.

Dr. Babar Hassan of SIUT highlighted the experiences about the sources of latest scientific inventions, which mostly consist of artificial intelligence in the field of health, in which Pakistanis in collaboration with various international organizations. The population was informed about the use of these means and its far-reaching consequences.

Director SIUT Dr. Adeeb Rizvi in ​​his address during a session praised the surgeons of SIUT, who have successfully mastered robotic surgery with their talent and dedication and to teach this skill to other doctors. They are also trying. He reiterated that SIUT will continue to provide the latest treatment to its patients free of charge and with dignity as usual.

Other medical experts of SIUT also spoke on the occasion, Dr. Asad Shehzad informed about Skill Lab for practical training of new surgeons, Dr. Rehan Mohsin who is Head of Robotic Surgery, SIUT Informed about the establishment of robotic surgical center in T and its performance so far and their results.

Dr. Arsalan shed light on robotic surgery for stomach and liver diseases. Other speakers at the event included Dr. Riaz Laghari, Dr. Shadab Khan and Junaid Khan.


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