One billion dollars can be earned from the export of sugar, Chairman Sugar Mills Association


Chairman Sugar Mills Association Asim Ghani says that one billion dollars can be earned by exporting sugar.

According to the details, Asim Ghani, the main chairman of Pakistan Sugar Mills Association, said in the press conference that the sugar industry is currently under unfavorable conditions. It is necessary to start the crushing season by November 30.

Asim Ghani said that sugar mills already have excess stocks of sugar. More than one lakh tons of sugar is in stock.

He said that we have stock of sugar till January 15. Crushing is not possible if we do not allow the export of 1 million tonnes of sugar.

The Chairman of Sugar Mills Association said that we have no objection, we are speaking the truth. The cost of production has increased a lot, we have not set up sugar mills for charity, we are doing business.

Asim Ghani further said that if sugar is to be made cheaper, sales tax on sugar should be abolished. Without exporting sugar we will not be able to run sugar mills. We stand with the farmers, if export is allowed, no section will be affected.

He said that dollar, flour, pulses have become expensive while sugar is being sold at the old rate. If there is any difficulty due to the export of sugar, they will cooperate with the government, if they do not allow the export, there is no need to negotiate with the government.

Chairman Sugar Mills Association said that if the Ministry of Food Security does not have sugar data, then it is incompetent. Food Security Minister Tariq Bashir Cheema should resign if he cannot get the data.

Chairman Punjab Sugar Mills Association Zaka Ashraf said that if one million tons of sugar is exported, everyone will benefit.

He said that the government should pay immediate attention to the situation. If this situation continues, the sugar industry may become bankrupt. If the industry suffers, the farmer will also be affected.

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