November 25th is observed as a day against violence against women, Shehla Raza


Provincial Minister Shehla Raza has said that The 25th day of November Celebrated against violence against women.

According to the details, Provincial Minister Shehla Raza while talking to the media said that November 25 is celebrated as a day against violence against women, it is celebrated for 16 days, we have many programs in these 16 days, which women are not in the hotel. A program is kept for those who can reach.

Shehla Raza said that we work on child marriage, home based workers law is also there, these laws should be brought down to the lowest level, our country’s economy is facing problems now, we should look at women empowerment. .

He said that the developed countries in the world have focused on the workforce, we have women reaching in every sector, in this period of 16 days, the focus has been on women who are the cause of floods. Affected by

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