NASA spacecraft captured images of solar storm eruption.


A NASA spacecraft has captured remarkable images of an exploding solar storm as it flies toward the Sun. The images captured show the fiery emission of “emptying” space dust left over from the formation of the Solar System.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe captured the images on Sept. 5, and NASA shared the images with the public on Monday. According to the space agency, the probe was lucky enough to capture images of the most powerful coronal mass ejections (CMEs) ever recorded.

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CMEs are large bursts from the Sun’s outer atmosphere, or corona, and are powerful enough to potentially disrupt communication and navigation technologies on Earth, such as the power grid or satellites.

NASA says that learning how CMEs interact with interplanetary dust can help scientists better determine the speed of a CME’s journey toward Earth, which can help make better forecasts. When the effects can hit the ground.

“These interactions between CMEs and dust were theorized two decades ago, but were not observed until the Parker Solar Probe observed a CME act like a vacuum cleaner, sweeping dust from its path. cleans up,” said Guillermo Stenborg, an astrophysicist at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), which built and operates Parker. A report On the NASA website.

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The Parker Solar Probe was designed to investigate aspects of the Sun and Earth systems that directly affect life and society. Launched in 2018, and part of NASA’s Living With a Star program, the mission is scheduled to last eight years.


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