Music publishers sue AI company Anthropic over song lyrics.


Music publishers Universal Music, ABCCO and Concorde Publishing filed a lawsuit in federal court in Tennessee on Wednesday against artificial intelligence company Anthropic, accusing it of copying to train its chatbot Cloud. Wright misused “countless” amounts of song lyrics.

gave Trial By using lyrics from at least 500 songs, from Anthropic Beach Boys’ “God Knows” and The Rolling Stones’ “Game Shelter” to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” and Beyonce Violates the rights of publishers. “Hello.”

Representatives for Anthropic did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Matt Oppenheim, an attorney for the publishers, declined to comment on the lawsuit but said it is “well established by copyright law that an entity reproduces the copyrighted works of another to build its business.” Can’t, can’t distribute and can’t display it unless it gets permission from the rights owners.”

Many copyright owners including The authors And visual artists have sued tech companies like MetaPlatforms and Microsoft-backed OpenAI over the use of their work to train generative-AI systems.

The lawsuit by the music publishers appears to be the first over the lyrics and the first against Anthropic, which has received financial backing from Google and former cryptocurrency billionaire Sam Bankman Freud.

The lawsuit accuses Anthropic of infringing publishers’ copyrights by copying their lyrics as part of a “mass text” without permission to allow the cloud to respond to human gestures. Scrapes the internet to train.

The publishers also say that Claude has illegally reproduced the lyrics through the petition, and that the response includes “full indications that the publishers do not find the lyrics,” including “writing a song about a certain subject. Applications of, provide chord progressions for a specific subject. Musical compositions, or writing poetry or short fiction in the style of a particular artist or songwriter.”

For example, the lawsuit states that Claude would provide lyrics related to Don McLean’s “American Pie” when asked to write a song about the death of rock pioneer Buddy Holly.

The publishers sought monetary damages from the court and an injunction to stop the alleged infringement.


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