Moon will be eclipsed today


The moon will be eclipsed today, it will be seen in different countries of the world including Pakistan, the duration of the lunar eclipse in Pakistan will be for one hour and fifty minutes. It can be seen all over the country including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad.

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Full Moon Eclipse of observation Asia of the Some Parts And Australia I can be done Islam In Abad Moon Eclipse 61 percent Will be, Lahore I 62 decimal 96 and Karachi I zero Decimal 88 percent Will be, In Peshawar 52 decimal 55 and Quetta I 14 Decimal 6 percent Moon To Eclipse felt will

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Gilgit I 74 decimal 54 Percentage And Muzaffarabad I 62 decimal 20 percent Will be, Karachi I Moon Eclipse Five At do Forty-six minutes On Start And Six Bajkar Fifty-six minutes On finished Will be, Lahore I Moon Eclipse 5 minutes past 5 On Start be do 6:56 p.m On finished Will be,Islam In Abad Moon Eclipse Five Bajkar 6 minutes On Start By being 6:56 p.m On End accepted Will be, Peshawar I 12 minutes past 5 On Moon To Eclipse felt will and 6:56 p.m On finished Will be.

Quetta I 5:38 p.m On Moon Eclipse Will be Which 6:56 p.m On End accepted will, while Gilgit I Moon Eclipse 4:57 p.m On Start By being 6:56 p.m finished Will be.

An apparent lunar eclipse is seen when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon in its orbit and the Sun’s light does not reach the Moon, during which the Moon begins to darken, which is called an eclipse.

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