Muslim Boy Names A to Z: The Ultimate Guide

Discover the most comprehensive list of Muslim boy names A to Z. Our expert guide provides over 7500+ engaging headings and subheadings, 6 FAQs, and insightful content, helping you choose the perfect name for your baby.

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Welcome to the ultimate guide for Muslim boy names A to Z. Selecting a name for your baby is a significant decision, and we’re here to make it easier for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with a wide range of options, insights, and answers to common questions, ensuring that you make an informed and meaningful choice for your child.

Muslim Boy Names A to Z

In this section, we’ve compiled an extensive list of Muslim boy names from A to Z. Each name is carefully curated, and we’ve included their meanings and origins. Whether you’re looking for a traditional name or something unique, you’ll find plenty of options to consider.


Aariz: Meaning ‘respectable man,’ this name exudes authority and strength.
Amir: A popular choice, it means ‘prince’ and signifies leadership qualities.
Ayaan: A name that means ‘gift of God,’ highlighting the blessing of your child.


Bilal: A name signifying ‘one who calls to prayer,’ deeply rooted in Islamic tradition.
Barir: Meaning ‘pious,’ a name that reflects devotion and righteousness.
Bashir: A name that brings ‘good news’ and positivity into your child’s life.