Microsoft’s redesigned Teams app is now available on Windows, Mac.


Microsoft is rolling out a new and improved version of the Microsoft Teams chat client, which has been redesigned to be faster and more user-friendly. The app will now finally be available to download for free for Windows and Mac.

Microsoft said the updated Teams app is now twice as fast with 50 percent less memory. The company reports that installing the app will be three times faster and launching or joining meetings twice as fast, with the app now taking up 70 percent less disk space.

Microsoft has made major performance improvements by moving Teams from Electron Foundations to Microsoft’s Edge WebView2 technology. The company also adopted the React JavaScript library and focused on improving the design of Microsoft Teams with the Fluent design language system for a number of UI improvements.

The new Teams app has been in preview for months, but now it’s finally launching with full modern features.

“We have made significant progress since the launch of the new teams in the public preview,” says Anupam Patnaik, Head of Microsoft Product.. “The new teams now have full feature parity for nearly all features including custom line of business apps, third-party apps, breakout rooms, 7×7 video, CallQueue, PSTN calling, contextual search across chats and channels, Includes cross-channel posting. Conversations, and more.”

Businesses will need to upgrade because new Microsoft Teams features will now be delivered exclusively on this app.

“We’re also seeing significant performance improvements on the Mac, including the ability to quickly switch between chats and channels, and access relevant information quickly and efficiently with a faster scrolling experience,” Microsoft says. ” says Microsoft. “Teams work natively on all Mac devices, including those with Apple Silicon, giving Mac users a better app experience.”

Enterprise users will soon see a toggle for their existing Teams app, prompting them to upgrade.


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