Meta, TikTok was given a week by the EU to elaborate measures.


Meta and TikTok have been given a week by the European Commission to provide details of measures taken to prevent the spread of terrorism, violent content and hate speech on their platforms, with Elon Musk’s X to do the same. was asked for.

The European Union’s executive body said on Thursday it had sent a request for information to the two companies after researchers pointed to the spread of disinformation after Hamas launched an attack on Israel more than a week ago.

If the Commission is not satisfied with the responses of the companies, it can initiate investigations against them.

Under the recently implemented new online content laws known as the Digital Services Act (DSA), major online platforms are required to do more to remove or remove illegal and harmful content. Up to 6% of global turnover is at risk of fines.

“Meta must provide the requested information to the Commission by October 25, 2023 for questions related to the crisis response and by November 8, 2023 to protect the integrity of the elections,” the commission said.

It added, “TikTok must provide the Commission by October 25, 2023 with questions related to crisis response and by November 8, 2023 with the requested information on election integrity and online protection of minors.”


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