Meet the man whose software empowers millions: Syed Balkhi


If you’ve ever filled out an online contact form or encountered a website pop-up asking you to subscribe to a newsletter, you’ve likely met a 32-year-old Pakistani-American entrepreneur. Personality Syed Balkhi’s work may have been encountered by people experiencing the Internet. His company, Awesome Motive, is a driving force in the world of software solutions for WordPress, the content management system on 43% of the Internet. These plugins empower website owners to enhance their sites with many features.

Balkhi’s impressive software empire includes WPForms, a form builder used on more than 6 million websites. OptinMonster, which facilitates the creation of versatile pop-ups. And all-in-one SEO, allowing users to improve their search engine rankings. Additionally, Easy Digital Downloads, a digital e-commerce software, enables individuals to sell PDFs, music, software, and eBooks online without the need for coding skills. In total, Balkhi’s software is used by more than 25 million websites worldwide.

These achievements are remarkable for any entrepreneur, but they are especially remarkable considering his background as an immigrant youth who started online in the United States. Trying to support his family while earning extra money. Here are some of the areas that Balkhi has focused on to become a leading Pakistani service provider:

Doing Right by Customers: Balkhi’s core strategy revolves around focusing on the customer and fulfilling their needs. “By removing the gaps that prevent customers from success, they will stay loyal longer. One of my early experiences with this principle was moving small clients to WordPress, offering them the means to manage their content, And later started the WPBeginner blog to help them,” he told The Express Tribune.

Building a loyal audience and listening to them: WPBeginner quickly became the largest repository of freely available WordPress knowledge, amassing millions of readers. Balkhi engaged with this audience, conducting regular surveys to find out what WordPress features were missing. “This feedback from the community became the basis for many of my successful software solutions, such as WPForms,” ​​he shared.

Community Reliance: Balkhi’s commitment to offering a wealth of free information created a loyal community eager to support his efforts when he launched paid software. In addition to the WPBeginner community, it harnessed the collective power of open source WordPress developers, recognizing that open source is a catalyst for innovation.

Cultivating a solid professional network: Through the WordPress community, Balkhi has established a professional network that has been instrumental in his journey. He met key colleagues and entrepreneurs at events like WordCamp and the WordPress Community Summit, leading to successful ventures like OptinMonster and WPForms.

Investment in return and growth: Balkhi believes in reinvesting in the community which has helped him succeed. “All of my plugins are open source, allowing contributions from anyone and improving the WordPress ecosystem. I also maintain a team of full-time members dedicated to enhancing the free open source WordPress software. “, he explained with the belief that by strengthening WordPress, he indirectly expands his user base and reaps financial benefits.

Syed Balkhi’s remarkable journey from an immigrant youth to a software mogul exemplifies the power of community, customer-centric strategies and commitment to open source. His influence continues to shape the Internet, making it a more versatile and user-friendly place for millions of people around the world and making Pakistan proud.


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